Polychrome wood statue – Piazzola sul Brenta

Details project

Location: Santuario Mariano Crypt in Carturo di Piazzola sul Brenta

Time period: 15th century

Artist: Unknown

Restoration project: The sculpture was carved from one piece of poplar wood, in which the hands were added later. The little foot of Infant Jesus was joined to the body with a spike. Before the restoration, the superficial varnish had been darkened by time and the statue showed thick over-painting. We conducted investigations on the paint film, in order to discover all the paint layers that were applied, as well as the colors and the binders. The restoration project aimed to preserve the statue and it was drawn up on the laboratory results and samplings we collected in the cleaning phase. We chose a chemical cleaning, using cotton pads soaked in solution, and a mechanical cleaning, with a scalpel. The iron elements have been treated with rust converter. We then applied plaster, undertook a chromatic retouching and finally applied varnish.