Pasubio Ossuary

Details project

Location: Valli del Pasubio, Vicenza

Time period: 1920-1926

Artist: Architect: Ferruccio Chemello – Fresco painter: Tito Chini

Restoration project:

We previously worked on an in-depth investigation that included thermographic analysis, samples of the paint film and plaster, analysis and mapping of the hygrothermal values. After a one year investigation, we drew up a detailed report that showed the state of degradation of the building. We consequently set up a restoration project that has been shared and approved by the Cultural Heritage and Environmental Conservation Authority of Verona.

The restoration included the consolidation and cleaning of frescoes, external waterproofing by removing the joints, pointing them with a suitable mortar. The whole building had been previously treated with a biocidal product, all drippings due to oxidation have been removed and we applied a suitable protective product created in the laboratory.