Bell tower frescoes in Barbarano Vicentino

Details project

Location: Room at the base of the bell tower

Time period: 14th century

Artist: Unknown

Restoration project: The fresco is located in a peculiar place, so it was necessary to undertake a historical investigation. As recorded on 29th September 1583, during the pastoral visit of Monsignor Michele Priuli, there was an altar on the side of the bell tower consecrated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. During the visit of Cardinal Bragadin in 1645, a similar description was recorded: “Altare a’ comu Epistolae dicatum Beatae Virginis vocatae “del Campanile”. This suggested that a room for worship had been built at the base of the bell tower. Our intervention removed old elements applied in previous restorations, bringing back the brightness of the original colors.