Arcart srl is a certified restoration company that professionally deals with works protected by the local Heritage Protection Authority. We restore real estates (monuments, churches, bell towers, plasterwork, frescos, stucco…) and movable goods (paintings, sculptures, wood materials, papers, scrolls…).

Arcart follows a specific methodology consisting in determining the state of degradation, choosing the most appropriate restoration and finally accomplishing the whole process with professionalism.
The restoration project starts with an investigation on historical documents regarding the good. Archivists and art historians determine the state of degradation. The investigation needs to be done following up-to-date techniques and methods, undertaking specific laboratory tests.

From the preliminary investigation, up to the restoration process: each step follows the guidelines provided by the competent Authority. In order to guarantee the best service, Arcart srl only employs qualified restorers who studied in nationally recognized institutes.

Arcart srl also works with archives and libraries, not only for restoration purpose, but also for researching, reorganizing, cataloguing, and inventoring documents in both printed and digital formats, following the International Standard Archival Description. Here again, Arcart srl only employs qualified professionals who graduated in Archival Science, Library Science and History of Art.

Our team is made up of prepared experts with different professional identities, who work in sinergy. We guarantee to our clients excellent results and good competitiveness.