Digitalization and copy of parish registers in Quargnenta (VI) and Sarego (VI)

Details project

Execution time: 2012
Location: Vicenza
Project: Digitalization and copy of parish registers

The Diocese of Vicenza, in collaboration with ARSAS, started a project which aimed to restore the historical archives of the parishes of the Diocese.

The project sought to digitize the registers of baptisms, marriages and death certificates, starting from 1930. Arcart srl was appointed to digitize and copy the data of two parishes, Quargnenta and Sarego.

We brought the registers from the parishes to our laboratories. After the digitalization, we took them back to the archives.

To copy the registers we used UDE for Windows software, which was provided by the Diocese. This software has an easy interface that lets the user fill in the data extracted from the picture. We then checked and validated the information.

Digitalizzazione e trascrizione dei registri parrocchiali delle Parrocchie di Quargnenta e Sarego