Archivial science

Arcart concentrates its resources in the field of recovery, reorganization and digitization of archives.

In this area it can boast of important collaborations with important national institutions and the National Association Archives Italian subscription.

Our working method follows a well-established procedures and in accordance with national and international standards.

Our operations require several steps:

  • survey: the status of documents and recognition of the deposit
  • census: rough description of the material
  • physical and virtual shuffle: ordering both physical and virtual according standards and holders
  • inventory with dedicated software: software used in its possession the client or design of specific programs
  • final drawing up the inventory in digital and paper form

The result of our operations is accessible, easy to find, accessible and in accordance with customer requirements.

We can also offer many additional services:

  • advice: First acquaintance meeting to assess the status of the documents and the start of a project
  • archival design: the design of potential new deposits under
  • digitizing documents with planetary scanner: scanning paper documents and not with the use of planetary scanner or high-resolution machines
  • handling funds: removals seat or internal handling
  • creating databases or utility specifically: creation of software according to customer requirements
  • funds update: update service of the new payments
  • restoration: restoration of paper and mixed material 

The resources that are Arcart employs professionals, graduates in archival and library science.