Catalogue of the historical, artistic and architectural goods of the Province of Vicenza

Details project

Execution time: 2011-2014
Location: Vicenza
Project: registering, organizing, inventory and digitalization

In the 1970’s, the Province of Vicenza promoted a registering plan of all the historical and artistic goods existing in the province. For each good, a data sheet was developed.
Our first task was to register, organize and digitalize the data sheets in order to make it quicker to find information. This let us identify the omissions made in the 1970’s. We then planned a new project to finish out task.

Later, we were appointed to proceed with the registering and the creation of data sheets for 40 towns in the province.

After analyzing the available material we used the database provided by the Province, creating new data sheets which were based on the previous, but showed a richer bibliography and more photographs. We took a picture of every item, in order to prove its existence, showing its location and state of preservation.